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Lubegard Transmission Fluid Additives
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Lubegard Mercon M-V (green bottle) ATF supplement 10oz. 62005L Lubegard Mercon M-V Transmission Fluid Additive 10oz.(green bottle)

Mercon M-V Transmission Fluid Additive
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Dr. Tranny Transmission assemble goo (Green) 16oz 19250L Assemblee GOO (Green) 16oz Transmission Assembly Jell

Provides superior TACKINESS required during transmission assembly.
Stays stable to 130 F.
Dissolves in transmission fluid.
Dyed GREEN so as not to mistaken for transmission fluid.
12-16oz containers per case

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19001 Dr.Tranny kooler kleen, automatic transmission cooler flush,19001 Dr. Tranny 19001L Dr. Tranny kooler kleen 13.25oz

Transmission cooler flush, prevents contamination of new or rebuilt transmission, removes grease, dirt, sludge, metal shavings.
No water or soapy residue left to contaminate new fluid.
No CFC'S, contains no chlorinated solvents.
12-13.25 oz. contaners per case

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Lubegard Transmission Fluid Additives