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Derale Transmission Coolers
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Transmission fluid cooler Derale 13101 transmission cooler 13101D Transmission fluid cooler, tube and fin 12,000 lb.

Derale 13101 Transmission cooler size 5"x 12" x 3/4". Comes with mounting hardware.

Competitors Price $43.19
Your Cost 38.46
You save $4.73!
Derale transmission fluid cooler Tube and fin 14,000 lb. 13102D Transmission fluid cooler Derale tube and fin 14,000 lb

Transmission fluid cooler size 5" X 17" X 3/4". Comes with mounting hardware.

Competitors Price $46.38
Your Cost 41.30
You save $5.08!
Transmission fluid cooler tube and fin 18,500 lb 13103D Transmission fluid cooler Derale Tube and fin 18,500 lb.

Transmission cooler size 7 1/2" X 17" X 3/4". Comes with mounting hardware.
This transmission cooler features 1/2" copper tubes and 3/4" aluminum fins with turbulator inserts to agitate the fluid flow for increased cooling. Black power coated with plastic fin protectors.

Competitors Price $52.78
Your Cost 47.00
You save $5.78!
19001 Dr.Tranny kooler kleen, automatic transmission cooler flush,19001 Dr. Tranny 19001L Dr. Tranny kooler kleen 13.25oz

Transmission cooler flush, prevents contamination of new or rebuilt transmission, removes grease, dirt, sludge, metal shavings.
No water or soapy residue left to contaminate new fluid.
No CFC'S, contains no chlorinated solvents.
12-13.25 oz. contaners per case

Competitors Price $10.28
Your Cost 9.16
You save $1.12!
Derale Transmission Coolers
Transmission Fluid Coolers