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Lubegard (red bottle) ATF Protestant 10oz. Lubegard
60902L Lubegard Transmission Fluid Additive (red bottle) ATF protectant 10oz. (FedEx Shipping)
Your Cost $8.70
You save $1.29!

Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive Lubegard 60902 ATF protectant 10oz
Prevents automatic transmission fluid overheating, reduces elevated operating
temperatures up to 40 F. Extends transmission fluid life.
Eliminates automatic transmission fluid foaming & oxidation. Reduces wear. Eliminates clutch & torque converter shudder. Softens & modifies harsh shifts.
Keeps valves & governors free from sticking. Raises the thermal & oxidative
stability of the automatic transmission fluid. Increases the transmission fluids ability to transfer heat.
12-10oz. containers per case.
63010 Lubegard Platinum Universal ATF protectant 10oz.
63010L Lubegard Platinum Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid Additives 10oz.
Your Cost $12.35
You save $1.64!

Lubegard Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive.
Prevents overheating. Inhibits automatic transmission fluid oxidation and foaming.
Eliminates torque converter shudder, also clutch chatters and shudders.
Dramatically reduces friction and wear on metal parts and internal components.
Ensures proper shifts. Frees stuck valves and keeps them free.
Will not alter the crucial phosphorus or sulfur balance in your automatic transmission fluid.
Will not harm yellow metals. Ash free. Extends automatic transmission fluid change intervals.
12-10oz containers per case.

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77012L Lubegard Fuel System Booster 16 oz.
77012L Lubegard Fuel System Booster 16 oz.
Your Cost $9.38
You save $1.12!

LUBEGARD Fuel System Booster is a state-of-the-art new fuel additive made wih the highest quality premium PEA and FLA technologies. It is the first product of its kind able to specifically address and treat the newer DIG (direct injection) fuel systems in addition to the traditional intake-port delivery systems of today. LUBEGARD Fuel System Booster is the first 3-in-1 product that provides a total system clean-up and keep-clean, fuel lubricity additive, and fuel stabilizer.

Product Benefits:

Contains a unique, proprietary polyether amine (PEA) detergent technology, the most effective chemistry for total fuel system cleanup that outperforms competitors

EPA/LAC, CARB, and TOP TIER compliant

Ideal for new DIG fuel systems

Can be used in any type of engine; gasoline or diesel

Cleans carburetor / fuel injectors in one tank

Removes deposits from combustion chamber and intake valves

One step process, just pour in the tanks, does not require aerosol

Prevents hesitation, rough idle, and stalling

Improves fuel economy and horsepower

Allows less expensive, lower octane fuel to be used

Stabilizes fuel during storage

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68112L Lubegard Universal CVT Fluid  32 oz.
68112L Lubegard Universal CVT Fluid 32 oz.
Your Cost $13.16
You save $12.63!

LUBEGARD Universal CVT Fluid

  • Suitable for use in ANY belt type CVT (continuously variable transmission) application! (When used in Honda applications 20,000 mile service intervals are recommended)
  • Minimizes friction between belts and pulleys which protects against fatigue damage
  • Maintains the performance of a continuously variable transmission by providing excellent wear protection
  • Imparts both shear and oxidation stability to the fluid
  • Remains fluid at low temperatures for excellent operation during winter
  • Prevents sludge and varnish build up
PLEASE NOTE! The United States Postal Service does not ship Liquids! Your Order can only be shipped via FedEx. A slightly higher shipping charge will occur - We apologize for the inconvenience!
4L60 4L65E Wire Harness Repair 2004-UP  (4L80E 01-UP)
35386BH 4L60 4L65E Wire Harness Repair 2004-UP (4L80E 01-UP)
Your Cost $43.38
You save $4.87!

4L60 4L65E Transmission wire harness repair

Repair kit for MLPS/PRNDL switch, 11 pin single connector (for 77974A NSS)
BLUE Transmission Assembly Jell Lubegard 19260
19260L BLUE Transmission Assembly Jell 16oz.
Your Cost $6.67
You save $0.80!

Dissolves in transmission fluid. Melts at 116 F.
Dyed BLUE so as not to confused with ATF.
12-16oz containers per case
Dr. Tranny Transmission assemble goo (Green) 16oz
19250L Assemblee GOO (Green) 16oz Transmission Assembly Jell
Your Cost $7.74
You save $0.92!

Provides superior TACKINESS required during transmission assembly.
Stays stable to 130 F.
Dissolves in transmission fluid.
Dyed GREEN so as not to mistaken for transmission fluid.
12-16oz containers per case
TF8 A518 A618 46RE Transmission direct drum snap ring .106"
54741C TF8 A518 A618 46RE 48RE Transmission direct drum snap ring 0.106"
Your Cost $3.75
You save $0.45!

0.106" Thick X 7.15" Outside Diameter
Top snap ring in the direct drum
Also used in TH400 intermediate application.
19001 Dr.Tranny kooler kleen, automatic transmission cooler flush,19001 Dr. Tranny
19001L Dr. Tranny kooler kleen 13.25oz
Your Cost $8.61
You save $0.38!

Transmission cooler flush, prevents contamination of new or rebuilt transmission, removes grease, dirt, sludge, metal shavings.
No water or soapy residue left to contaminate new fluid.
No CFC'S, contains no chlorinated solvents.
12-13.25 oz. contaners per case
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