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700R4 4L60E Superior Products
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700 400 350Ttransmission Superior shift point kit. K018 700R4 400 350 Transmission, Superior shift point kit.

Governor modification kit.
The Shift Point Package will service governors in the 700R4, 400,
350, 350C, 250 and 250C.
The kit includes 6 weights and 6 springs to offer a wide range of adjustments.

Your Cost $50.28
700R4 2004R Vacuum Switch 1-6 Inches of vacuum K052 700R4 2004R TCC Vacuum Switch 1-6 Inches of vacuum

Useful for 700-R4, 200-4R's and other units working without computers and needing help getting lock-up in and out at the proper time. Unlike the GM vacuum switch, this switch allows the vacuum trigger point to be adjusted between 1 to 6 inches of vacuum. This switch can also be wired-in to be normally open or closed.

Your Cost $36.98
700R4 Hydraulic TCC lockup K017 700R4 Hydraulic TCC lockup

The lock up valve and sleeve was used in early valve bodies 81 thru 86. The later valve bodies, 86 thru 89, kept the valve bore, but were non-functional. 90 thru 93 valve bodies were produced without the valve bore. As long as the bore is in the valve body, the hydraulic package will apply.  * This kit includes 5 different springs giving 5 select lock up speed choices. * This kit includes all valves necessary.   * It allows non-electrical operation of lock up. * No more searching through cores looking for the inner valve.

Your Cost $72.37
K041 AXODE Steel Servo Control Valve K041 AXODE Steel Servo Control Valve

The 2-3 servo control valve regulates the apply of the low intermediate band. When the OE. Aluminum valve starts to stick and hang up in the bore the band does no reapply after a coast down. This occurrence causes a neutralizing condition at a stop. 2. The valve supplied with this problem solver kit is made of a highly polished steel to resist sticking in the valve body bore. 3. The 2-3 servo control valve has also been added to our popular Shift Correction Package.

Your Cost $42.03
700R4 4L60E Superior Products