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A4LD transmission solenoid kit.
23390 Ford A4LD Transmission master solenoid kit 1986-94
Competitors Price $45.77
Your Cost $31.44
You save $14.33!

This kit contains 1-23391A (26-40 OHM) lockup solenoid
and 1-23393A (26-40 OHM) 3-4 shift solenoid.
Plugs to existing wire harness.
No returns on installed electrical components.
BLUE Transmission Assembly Jell Lubegard 19260
19260L BLUE Transmission Assembly Jell 16oz.
Competitors Price $7.47
Your Cost $6.67
You save $0.80!

Dissolves in transmission fluid. Melts at 116 F.
Dyed BLUE so as not to confused with ATF.
12-16oz containers per case
19001 Dr.Tranny kooler kleen, automatic transmission cooler flush,19001 Dr. Tranny
19001L Dr. Tranny kooler kleen 13.25oz
Competitors Price $8.99
Your Cost $8.61
You save $0.38!

Transmission cooler flush, prevents contamination of new or rebuilt transmission, removes grease, dirt, sludge, metal shavings.
No water or soapy residue left to contaminate new fluid.
No CFC'S, contains no chlorinated solvents.
12-13.25 oz. contaners per case
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