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Lubegard (red bottle) ATF Protestant 10oz. Lubegard 60902L Lubegard Transmission Fluid Additive (red bottle) ATF protectant 10oz. (FedEx Shipping)

Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive Lubegard 60902 ATF protectant 10oz
Prevents automatic transmission fluid overheating, reduces elevated operating
temperatures up to 40 F. Extends transmission fluid life.
Eliminates automatic transmission fluid foaming & oxidation. Reduces wear. Eliminates clutch & torque converter shudder. Softens & modifies harsh shifts.
Keeps valves & governors free from sticking. Raises the thermal & oxidative
stability of the automatic transmission fluid. Increases the transmission fluids ability to transfer heat.
12-10oz. containers per case.

Competitors Price $13.27
Your Cost $11.82
BLUE Transmission Assembly Jell Lubegard 19260 19260L BLUE Transmission Assembly Jell 16oz.

Dissolves in transmission fluid. Melts at 116 F.
Dyed BLUE so as not to confused with ATF.

Competitors Price $18.72
Your Cost $18.72
Dr. Tranny Transmission assemble goo (Green) 16oz 19250L Assemblee GOO (Green) 16oz Transmission Assembly Jell

Provides superior TACKINESS required during transmission assembly.
Stays stable to 130 F.
Dissolves in transmission fluid.
Dyed GREEN so as not to mistaken for transmission fluid.
12-16oz containers per case

Competitors Price $16.24
Your Cost $16.24
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